The Band


In 1999, four soulmates in the melting pot of the Irish-German music scene gathered together to explore new ways and set new standards. The band Steampacket was born. Soon they  were to become a legend in the continental Irish trad scene. “Homecoming”, a musical milestone recorded in 2001, is an album that has beed highly acclaimed internationally and still serves as a source of inspiration to many musicians. After the band members have all cut their individual paths in the last few years they have just reunited to do it again, full steam ahead!

Band Members

Stefan Schneider Stephan has great virtuosity on the fiddle and a deep love for the music, which makes him a well known musicians in both Germany and Ireland. He is a founding member of the legendary band Band Limerick Junction (with piper Johannes Schiefner among others) — a milestone in German folk music history.
Tina Terrahe Tina started to play classical violin when she was six years of age and learned irish fiddle with Stephan Schneider. She is well established in the German trad scene by now and plays with the German/Irish band Blue.
Claus Steinort Playing the wooden flute with its typical warm sound, Claus is known for his perfect style and soulful interpretation of the tunes. He is a founding member of both DeReelium and of course Cara, Germanys leading trad band with gigs around the globe under his belt.
Rolf Wagels Rolf plays the bodhrán the irish frame drum. He toured all-over Europe and the United States with his other band Cara and teaches regularly in Germany and Ireland. He recently released an album in collaboration with Guido Plüschke called Bodhran Insight to high critical acclaim.
Tobias Kurig His instrument is the blarge (bouzouki large) with five sets of double strings. Tobi stands for a powerful and dynamic approach to backing the tunes, but he is also known for his sensitive playing when appropriate. He is a member of trad bands Nua und Blue.